Non-Profit Headquarters | Milwaukee, WI

NFPHQ-Brico-Exterior-3-1200The exterior of this historic brick “double house” had been covered with 11 coats of paint, which was obscuring and damaging the Milwaukee Cream City brick exterior. Marion removed the paint and cleaned the newly revealed brick using non-abrasive cleaning methods. We then cut and repointed the mortar joints.

Site investigation and carful study of historic photographs revealed that the oldest portion of the building (constructed of cream city face brick) had been finished with a unique and no longer used technique.  The back-pointing mortar was sand colored and finished slightly raked from the face of the brick.  A fine flat ribbon of pure lime putty was applied centered over the sand-colored mortar, resulting in an additional shadow line on the masonry.

Investigation further revealed that the rear addition portions of the building dating form ca. 1870 and 1890 were construction of cream city common brick and finished with a lime putty mortar (stucco-like), originally finished with limewash.  All of these techniques were replicated to exacting detail.  Hydraulic lime stucco was applied on the rear additions finished in limewash.

Interior marble, tile, and brick fireplace components were conserved and restored.  Four missing tile at the main parlor fireplace were custom replicated.

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Non-Profit Headquarters | Milwaukee, WI | US Heritage Group