Limewash is a traditional material that has been used for thousands of years. Unlike modern paints, which lay on the surface of the substrate, limewash instead acts like a stain by penetrating deep into the pores of the underlying material. This process creates a peel-free, breathable surface, and the limewash remains vapor permeable after it cures.

Suitable for unpainted wood, plaster, and masonry. Limewash acts as a stain, so the substrate must be porous to ensure a successful application. We recommend a minimum of 2-3 coats for best results.

Recommended for historic buildings, friable masonry, and sustainable new design. Limewash is a breathable material that is suitable for historic brick, stone, plaster, and stucco, and it protects fragile or damaged masonry from weathering further.

Limewash is also a beautiful, traditional exterior material that mellows while it ages and over time develops the weathered patina that characterizes the Old-World charm of Europe. We blend our Old-World European Limewash with slaked lime putty, which ensures that the lime particles are extremely fine and can absorb into even the finest substrate. Our limewash is all-natural, non-toxic and available in 24 traditional colors.

We slake our non-hydraulic, high calcium lime putty onsite using fresh quicklime. Our Standard Slaked Lime Putty is screened and aged for a minimum of three months, making it suitable for fine plaster work, brickwork and stone rubble work. Our Slaked Lime Putty for Frescoes is aged for a minimum of three years. The aging process ensures that the lime particles are extremely fine, making this product the ideal choice for conservation work on frescoes. Made from non-hydraulic high calcium limestone with a 98% purity rating.

Our slaked lime putty products meet and/or exceeds ASTM C1489-01 Standard Specification for Lime Putty for Structural Purposes. Slaked Lime Putty for Frescoes & Standard Slaked Lime Putty is available in 3.5 Gallon Buckets (34 lbs.)

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