Package B – Mortar Analysis and Matching Service – Acid Digestion

This type of analysis measures the characteristics of the mortar by acid digestion. In addition to the physical proportion acid digestion also provides data about chemical reactivity. Comparing this measurement to our extensive control data provides very useful insight into the relative proportion of lime to cement that has actually reacted. Based on evaluation of this data we can provide approximate formulations of original historic mortar in terms of modern materials and confidently recommend an appropriate replacement mortar.

This test is not recommended for establishing the proportions of modern mortars with a high degree of accuracy as the very low unbound lime content makes acid digestion difficult.

Package B includes:

  • Acid digestion analysis
  • Report documenting original sample, analysis findings, and replacement mortar formulation recommendations
  • Sand gradation chart composed of the actual sample aggregate
  • Ten pound sample batch of custom blended mortar for quality control mockup sample
  • Laboratory finished, cured and checked quality control samples from the mockup sample batch
  • Permanent archiving of all information, formulations and samples by project, product and batch code


Package B – Mortar Analysis and Matching Service – Acid Digestion | US Heritage Group