Limewash and Shelter Coat

Limewash is a beautiful, traditional exterior material that mellows while it ages and over time develops the weathered patina that characterizes the Old-World charm of Europe. We blend our Old-World European Limewash with slaked lime putty, which ensures that the lime particles are extremely fine and can absorb into even the finest substrate. Our limewash is all-natural, non-toxic and available in 24 traditional colors.

Heritage shelter coat is most commonly used as a protective coating to masonry substrates that are in danger of damage or decay if not covered with a consolidation material. By applying a breathable protective coat, the substrate is able to continue its normal function without risking the damaging effects of waterproofing or sealing agents. The shelter coat will act as a sacrificial protective coating that can be built up and reapplied as needed through the life of the building.

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Limewash and Shelter Coat | US Heritage Group