Condition Assessment and Specification

U.S. Heritage Group, Inc. helps specifiers and contractors navigate the challenges of masonry restoration projects by providing highly qualified consultants that will guide you through every stage of your project.

Masonry Condition Assessment & Specification Review

First, during the pre-planning phase, we work directly with specifiers to confirm masonry condition findings and to establish a clear scope of work for complex restoration projects. This service includes assistance in preparing the construction documents and/or reviewing the current specification requirements for the project.

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Critical Path:

  • Identify Problem
  • Define Scope
  • Recommend Materials
  • Develop Bid Document

Material Testing & Matching

Next, in the planning phase, we bring together information from site evaluations, examination of existing masonry wall design, and advanced material matching techniques to produce a custom-blended mortar that is unique to the project. The resulting replacement blend replicates the original mortar in both appearance and performance while meeting the criteria of the National Park Service Preservation Brief 2, Repointing Mortar Joints in Historic Masonry Buildings.

Critical Path:

  • Identify Original Material
  • Define Replacement Mix
  • Produce Factory Product

Please see our mortar analysis and matching services page for detailed information and datasheets and submission forms.

On-Site Contractor Training

Then, during the pre-construction phase, will provide experts to train the mason contractor at the site during the installation of  mock-up samples. Our instructors will demonstrate and teach techniques that replicate the original craftsmanship. The mock-up panel also will provide a clear standard to judge the quality of the work performed onsite. U.S. Heritage certifies (with a test and written certificate), that each mason meets training requirements with regard to workmanship standards specific to the project.

Critical Path:

  • Define Repair Approach
  • Establish Performance and Matching Criteria
  • Field Mock-up Installation

In-Progress Site Inspections

In the Construction phase, U.S. Heritage Group will provide site inspections that serve both the architect and the contractor.  These inspections are a useful way to assess the quality and consistency of the masonry work, ensuring that the contractors are meeting workmanship standards established during the pre-construction phase. This allows potential problems to be identified early, and U.S. Heritage Group experts can retrain in these areas before they become larger issues.

Critical Path:

  • Specification Compliance
  • Field Mock-up Approval & Review
  • Workmanship Quality
  • Material Profile
  • Texture and Color
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