Chicago Light Artillery Civil War Monument | Chicago, IL


Chicago Light Artillery Civil War Monument | Chicago, IL

The Joliet limestone base exhibited minor cracking and open mortar joints. The resulting water penetration caused the base to spall during freeze/thaw cycles, and the high moisture levels in the stone led to biological growth and staining. The base was showing pitting and discoloration, and the carved inscriptions were somewhat eroded.

The sandstone sculpture was the most deteriorated. It had significant deterioration at the top, where holes for the transport of the piece had been plugged. Water had infiltrated the sculpture at these locations, resulting in spalls, discoloration and biological growth.

USHG and Marion, Inc. approached this important monument with a strong conservation ethic. We chose to conserve the monument, rather than restore it, so that it would retain as much of its original material and the patina of age. At the same time, we repaired issues that were causing active damage, such as open joints, cracks, and damaging staining and growth.

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Chicago Light Artillery Civil War Monument | Chicago, IL | US Heritage Group