Bedding, Pointing and Tuckpointing Mortars


We apply our knowledge and experience to produce quality bedding and pointing mortar in several classes, by binder formulation, for different applications. All US Heritage mortar products can be ordered as standard materials which can be color matched or they can be ordered custom matched based on the results a mortar analysis.

Selection of an appropriate mortar for re-laying, repointing or tuckpointing requires evaluation of original mortar, masonry unit characteristics and conditions as well as masonry element exposure (physical environment). We encourage you to contact us for project-specific technical advice, product selection or to place an order.

Below you can retrieve general information about repointing as well as technical datasheets for bedding and pointing mortar products by binder class.

General Product Information

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Heritage Lime Putty Mortar – Type L

Suitable for all historic masonry structures without hydraulic binders originally present

This restoration mortar formulation contains no Portland cement. Portland cement was not made in the United States until the early 1870′s and is generally not recommended for early American masonry. Portland cement-based mortars tend to be impermeable, which can lead to serious damage in historic masonry walls that rely on permeable mortar to wick water out of the wall system. Mortar joints historically provided allowance for wall movement. Lime putty mortar has a low modulus of elasticity which permits the wall to expand and contract without causing the cracking and spalling that is often seen when a modern high-strength mortar is installed in a historic structure. Lime putty mortar also exhibits extensive autogeneous healing, a phenomenon unique to high lime mortars, which heals microcracks that form during stress by stitching the mortar back together naturally with free lime particles in the mortar.

Heritage Lime Putty Mortar – Type L – Datasheet.pdf
Heritage Lime Putty Mortar – Type L – SDS.pdf

Heritage Lime Putty Mortar – Type O

Suitable for historic masonry structures with early portland cement lime putty binders

This restoration mortar consists of slaked lime putty with an enclosed portland cement pouch that is added onsite. This specialty mortar is breathable and flexible, and it protects friable masonry units from moisture and freeze-thaw damage.

Heritage Lime Putty Mortar – Type O – Datasheet.pdf
Heritage Lime Putty Mortar – Type O – SDS.pdf

Heritage Hydraulic Lime Mortar NHL 3.5

Suitable for historic masonry structures with hydraulic binders originally present or with masonry elements in extreme conditions

Hydraulic Lime Mortar is a breathable restoration mortar that is typically used for historic masonry that must tolerate extreme weather and/or persistently damp conditions. Like Portland cement-based mortars the primary chemical curing reaction is rapid and hydraulic. This means it sets quickly, even in damp environments. Unlike portland cement-based mortars, which can be extremely rigid and brittle, natural hydraulic lime mortar has a low modulus of elasticity. This makes the mortar flexible, absorbing natural movement in masonry walls to resist damage to masonry units during adverse conditions.

Heritage Hydraulic Lime Mortar – NHL 3.5 – Datasheet.pdf
Heritage Hydraulic Lime Mortar – NHL 3.5 – SDS.pdf

Hydrated Restoration Mortar – Type N

Suitable for masonry structures constructed with high-cement hydrated lime binders

Type N mortar is a formulation that has been widely used by craftsmen and specified by architects during the modern period (after 1931). The formulation is a factory produced blend of hydrated lime, portland cement, and sand that is proportioned to provide an even life-cycle performance for modern masonry construction applications.

All mortar ingredients are carefully manufactured by weight to meet applicable ASTM C270 Standards. Heritage Cement/Lime Mortar complies with ASTM C270 Standard Specification for Mortar for Unit Masonry, Proportion Specification.

Heritage Restoration Mortar – Type N – Datasheet.pdf
Heritage Restoration Mortar – Type N – SDS.pdf

Other Repointing Mortar Formulations

We formulate and manufacture other less common and non-standard blends to any project requirement.

Contact us to discuss your project material need.