First Congregational Church of Western Springs

First-Congregational-Church-of-Western-Springs-1-1200First Congregational Church of Western Springs | Western Springs, IL

In spring of 2012, USHG began assisting the facility with the materials for recreation of the original sanctuary east and west elevation Gothic arch stone window mullions.  These mullions will be returned to their original configuration based upon the historic drawings and historic photographs. This is one reason historic conservation expertise is so important in these projects.

Past projects at the facility include statue conservation and replication at the rectory south entrance, stone repair on the sanctuary and rectory, parapet repair, cleaning, and extensive mortar repointing.  USHG in conjunction with Marion, Inc. executed a facility Condition Assessment in 2010 in order to access current masonry conditions, identify maintenance priorities, and generate opinions of cost.

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Contact us with any questions. Also, visit our sister company Marion Restoration for additional information on historic restoration and preservation.

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