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Dawes House – Evanston History Center | Evanston, IL

Robert Sheppard – 1894

Charles Gates Dawes House was completed in 1894 in face brick trimmed in red sandstone. In spring of 2011, USHG and Marion, Inc. undertook Phase I of exterior restoration efforts at this facility.The east elevation terrace wall had settled over the years and stone was damaged from moisture infiltration. The stair and two flanking terrace railing wall segments were dismantled. A new poured concrete foundation was installed for the stairs where we then set the original Indian limestone treads. The stair railing and terrace wall were rebuilt with the original brick and stone units.

The east elevation central colonnade portion on the main house had suffered severe sandstone deterioration from moisture, efflorescence (salt deposits), and non-permeable mortar. Marion cleaned the masonry on this central east section, cut and repointed the mortar, neutralized efflorescence, and executed sandstone repair with custom matched stone repair mortars.

The north elevation parapet over the dining room was rebuilt down to the stone window headers. These sandstone headers were badly deteriorated (cracked and spalled) and were replaced with matching solid sandstone.

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Dawes House – Evanston History Center | US Heritage Group