Saint Augustine Water Works

Location: St. Augustine, FL

Year: 1898

Project Architect: F. A. Hollingsworth






Historic Information

Completed in 1898, the building is significant for its association with the Flagler Era, a period dating from the arrival of the great developer, Henry Morrison Flagler, in the Ancient City until his death in 1913. The Pumping Station is further significant at the local level under Criterion C for its embodiment of an important building type and its association with Jo Conn Guild, a nationally significant engineer and F.A. Hollingsworth, one of St. Augustine’s most prominent architects. The 1928 conversion of the water works to a community center was perhaps the earliest adaptive use project in the history of St. Augustine. Site improvements included conversion of the aerating basin to a wading pool for children and construction of a low coquina concrete wall which runs along the San Marco side of the property

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