Cana Island Lighthouse

Location: Baileys Harbor, WI

Year: 1869

Project Architect: N/A






Historic Information

Situated northeast of Bailey’s Harbor, Cana Island Lighthouse was constructed in July of 1868 by order of President Andrew Johnson. Once the beacon was complete, William Jackson and his wife were appointed its first keepers. However, they did not stay long and were replaced by the Sanderson family in October of 1875. After many years of service, the Sandersons resigned as keepers of the light in 1891. On their way out, they called Cana Island “one of the most inhospitable and undesirable places that can be imagined“.

The historic restoration of the Cana Island Light Station in Door County, Wisconsin was recognized as one of the Top Projects of 2015 in Wisconsin by the Daily Reporter. Berners-Schober, River Architects and Immel Construction were all honored for their respective roles in restoring the regional icon.

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