915 Dearborn Avenue | Chicago, IL

915-Dearborn-Removal-of-Front-Stair-1024x915 Dearborn Avenue | Chicago, IL

A Chicago Landmark located in the Gold Coast neighborhood this historic granite and sandstone mansion with carriage house required extensive restoration over several years. The granite was carefully cleaned of atmospheric soiling. Mortar provided by USHG was repointed 100% on the west and south, east, and partial north elevations. Stone spalls and fractures were repaired.

The original sandstone entry stair required rebuilding and resizing to conform to code and zoning regulations.

The stone steps and decorative cheek walls were re-fabricated and installed on a new concrete footing. Graffito, a decorative plaster technique, beyond repair at the exterior recessed entry landing, was recreating utilizing traditional techniques. Mosaic tile at this entry was also restored. Window sills and headers were restored.

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915 Dearborn Avenue | Chicago, IL | US Heritage Group