St Peter’s Episcopal Church

Location: Talladega, AL

Year: 1836

Project Architect: N/A






Historic Information

In 1836, Episcopal services were being held in Talladega. By 1844, The Rev’d Thomas A. Cook arrived to establish a school for girls. Six years later the parish was organized with The Rt. Rev’d Hamner Cobbs, the first bishop of Alabama, reporting in his journal: “First Sunday after Easter visited Talladega, preached twice, baptized an infant. Here a parish has been organized and the prospects are improving.” For the next 20 years, the parish met in stores along Talladega Square. After the Civil War, The Rev’d J. F. Smith and about 51 parish members built the first church building a few blocks from the Square.
In 1898, Bishop Henry M. Jackson traveled to Talladega to consecrate the grounds and lay the corner­stone for a “new stone church.” Funding dwindled and it was 1922 before Bishop William McDowell re-laid the cornerstone and work on the church began again which was completed in 1927. Lawrence Hall, was added in 1958 and over the years was the Bingham Hall complex was added.

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