Peale Museum

Location: Baltimore, MD

Year: 1814

Project Architect: Robert Carey Long






Historic Information

The Peale Museum, also known officially as the Municipal Museum of the City of Baltimore, was a museum of paintings and natural history, located in the City of Baltimore, Maryland, United States. The Peale Museum was created by Charles Willson Peale, (1741-1827) and his son Rembrandt Peale, (1778-1860). After functioning separately as the Baltimore City’s historical museum since the original structure was being rebuilt, restored, and renovated in 1930-1931, and then later merging in with other historic sites, houses and museums in the early 1980s under the expansive efforts of a new ambitious executive director, with the name of the Baltimore City Life Museums and a new broader mission in conjunction with the other historical locations/sites/structures in Baltimore.

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