Graceland Cemetery | Chicago, IL

Graceland-Cemetary-3-1200Graceland Cemetery | Chicago, IL

USHG provides materials and expertise on a continual basis to Graceland Cemetery.  Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Graceland Cemetery founded in 1860 is the premier historic cemetery in the Midwest with burial sites of such notable figures as Louis Sullivan and Mies van der Rohe.

We have provided material and consultation on numerous grave markers, monuments, and family specific mausoleum restorations/conservations such as the Boldenweck Mausoleum, Nobel Obelisk, Bennett Monument, Palmer Monument, Hageman Mausoleum, and many more. All memorials on site vary greatly in design, material, and fabrication.  Granite, limestone, sandstone, marble, and metal can all be found on site.  Many repairs are initiated by nature, as post-storm damage from felled trees was extensive in 2010.

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Stone & Terra Cotta

Heritage GB15 Granite & Bluestone

Heritage IG10 Injection Grout

Contact us with any questions. Also, visit our sister company Marion Restoration for additional information on historic restoration and preservation.

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