Lime Plaster & Lime Stucco


Heritage Lime Stucco/Plaster products are ideal for building durable and beautiful exterior or interior finishes on historic masonry. Lime stucco/plaster also recommended for sustainable new-build projects and strawbale construction that rely on breathable, all-natural construction materials. These products are traditional materials made without any gypsum, synthetic additives or acrylic polymers. As a result lime heritage stucco plaster is flexible and extremely breathable.

Heritage Hydraulic Lime Stucco/Plaster

Packaging Weight: 40 lbs

Color: Buff


Price: $15.00



This product is a traditional material made from 100% all-natural ingredients, and it is breathable and flexible. Hydraulic lime is distinguished from non-hydraulic lime by its ability to cure in damp/wet conditions. It it suitable for historic masonry that may be exposed to high moisture levels or extreme conditions, and it is also recommended for sustainable new-build projects and strawbale construction that relies on breathable, all-natural construction materials.

Heritage Natural Hydraulic Lime Stucco/Plaster is a dry material with aggregate preblended into the product. The product is applied in three coats: a scratch coat, a brown coat and a skim coat. This product is ready to use; just add water and mix at the site before applying the stucco.

Heritage Hydraulic Lime Stucco-Plaster NHL 3.5 – Datasheet.pdf

Heritage Hydraulic Lime Stucco-Plaster – NHL 3.5 – SDS.pdf

Heritage Hydraulic Lime Stucco – Guide Specifications.pdf


Heritage Lime Putty Stucco/Plaster

Packaging Weight: 49 lbs

Color: White


Price: $27.50



Lime and gauging (gypsum) finish plasters were commonly used during the early to mid twentieth century. While convenient and strong, gypsum does not expand and contract to the same degree as pure lime causing failures that make it incompatible with pure lime base plasters.

Our product formulation, based on historic plaster research and material analysis, offers outstanding skim coat plaster performance for fine interior finish work over traditional lime plasters.

Heritage Lime Putty-Plaster – Type L – Datasheet.pdf

Heritage Lime Putty-Plaster – Type L – SDS.pdf


Heritage Hemp Reinforcing Fiber

Packaging Weight: 10 lbs

Color: Standard


Price: $96.00



Brown and scratch coat fibers require fiber reinforcement to resist cracking in tension. Historically animal hair or bast (plant) fibers were used depending on what was readily available. The material properties of hemp fiber made it an excellent fiber for plaster reinforcement as documented in reference material from the period.

Hemp fiber of high grade, processed and cut to appropriate length, is now available from US Heritage Group.

Technical Datasheets are coming soon! Meanwhile we encourage you to contact us for project-specific technical advice, product selection or to place an order.


Return policy:

US Heritage Group accepts returns on standard materials up to 30 days from the date the order shipped with a restocking fee of 20% of the material cost. Any custom materials and materials with pre-blended color cannot be returned. Shipping fees are not refundable.