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US Heritage Group, Inc. can assist you by finding or manufacturing the right mortar, lime putty or stone restoration product. Our custom mortar matching and laboratory services are specifically set up to handle heritage mortars and restoration samples. We also offer consulting services to specifiers and installers who work on everything from traditional masonry preservation projects to sustainable new design.

Masonry Products


We blend our own all-natural mortar, limewash, and plaster products using classic methods that have withstood the test of time, allowing for seamless repairs to historic structures. Learn More

Specification Experts


US Heritage Group team helps building owners, specifiers and contractors navigate the challenges of masonry restoration projects. We provide high-level expertise at every stage of your project. Learn More

Outstanding Projects

Outstanding Projects

Our products are the first choice on demanding, complex restoration projects. Our sophisticated knowledge of masonry products and heritage mortar separates us from the rest.  Learn More

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