Virginia Lime Works

virginia lime works

Which US Heritage products can be substituted for Virginia Lime Works?

US Heritage provides comparable products (and more) for former Virginia Lime Works customers.

Lime Putty

Heritage Pure Lime Putty for:

  • Traditional Lime Putty

Hydraulic Lime

Natural Hydraulic Lime for:

  • Natural Hydraulic Lime NHL 3.5 for Building Lime 150
  • Natural Hydraulic Lime NHL 5.0 for Building Lime 200

Hydraulic Lime Mortars

Heritage Hydraulic Lime Mortar for:

  • Mix&GO repoint
  • Mix&GO ButterJOINT

Hydraulic Lime Plasters

Heritage Hydraulic Lime Stucco/Plaster for:

  • Mix&GO BaseCoat Plaster
  • Mix&GO RenderCoat Plaster
  • Mix&GO FinishCoat Plaster

Lime Paint

Old World European Limewash for:

  • LimePaint

What about custom matched or non-standard masonry products?

US Heritage provides mortar analysis services, develops mortar matching formulations and manufactures factory pre-blended lime based-building materials to almost any specification imaginable (and too much to list here). Contact us or Check out our products page for additional information or click to learn more about specific applications including binders, repointing mortars, crack injection mortars, stone patch mortars, stuccos, plasters, and limewashes.

Experience our commitment to quality solutions:

US Heritage will provide all necessary technical support for Virginia Lime Works product/service transition at no charge. Our new mortar matching service (Package C) can provide seamless transition from Virginia Lime Works to US Heritage Group custom blended/matched mortar products.

Take advantage of special transition offers:


Receive 50% discount of our Package C mortar match service for all previously matched Virginia Lime Works products (no product order required)

Receive 100% discount of Package C mortar match cost with any order (1 pallet min) for all previously matched Virginia Lime Works products

Contact us today to receive these limited time offers.